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Blue Angels Ride-Along

My brother flew FA-18's for the Navy and knew the skipper of the Blue Angels. His familiarity coupled with my D-level celebrity status earned me an invitation for a ride along. Of course I said yes, but had to endure 6 months of agonizing and ulcers.

Here is a video of the day. No, I didn't throw up, but I did take a little G - induced nap at the end.

Most amazing thing I've ever done.

Daryl from OnCar

During the Writers Strike of 2007/2008 sprung forth as a network of original programming. This was a piece written by Ron Corcillo and Russ Carney and directed by David McWhirter.

The Pet Shop

A fun little piece of weirdness for a web series called "The Matt and Kory Show"

Written by Joe Barone, Matthew Gilmore and Kory Desoto. Directed by Savannah Smith.

My favorite interview to date. I can't believe the detailed research they did and the obscure things they found.

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