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Bob was born in Newark, Ohio and spent his first decade in the Bay Area. He was adorable.         He then moved with his parents to Melbourne, Australia where he attended the Melbourne Church of England Boys Grammar School. Yes, it was as relaxed and free-spirited as it sounds.          Although it seemed his strengths were in the fields of Math and Science, he was drawn to the theatre and auditioned for the school production of Death of a Salesman. After a heartfelt read, he was told by the director: "I only wish I could put your accent on someone who can act". So much for that. At least he still had his 'devil may care' attitude.

Bob came back to the US to attend the College of Engineering at Cornell University. Again, he felt the pull of the footlights and greasepaint and started doing campus productions and, of course, improv.       And more improv.      The College of Engineering finally relented and gave him a B.Sc degree in 1987, but he couldn't quite shake the theatre bug and entered the MFA program at Penn State where he graduated in 1990.

After a stint at the Utah Shakespeare Festival       and a very humbling tour of Pennsylvania middle schools as a giant nose, Bob decided to give the world of TV and Film a whirl and moved to Los Angeles in 1993. He has been fortunate since then to make a living playing odd security guards, creepy neighbors and guys who live in basement apartments.

He lives in Burbank with his wife, two sons and a pug named Marge.        He coaches Little League, audits the PTA and spends his free time being a hack carpenter.

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